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Darlene Harris

Darlene Harris is a child of God, mother and lover of people and organizer of all things social and community. After working in social services over the past 40 years, Darlene recently retired in 2021. She spent the latter part of her career working for Parks and Recreation, first in Seattle, WA then Dallas, TX. Within her roles, she coordinated and managed programs for school-aged youth as well as senior citizens. This included planning and executing activities and initiatives to provide a safe environment that facilitated connection, education and fun. Darlene also managed the front desk and customer operations for the city departments. 


Darlene has heart for people and makes it her personal mission to make people regardless of race, age or socio-economic background to feel seen, heard, loved and worthy. She is the Mom that everyone calls Mom. Darlene radiates God’s love no matter where she goes. 


She has three children and eight grandchildren. She greatly enjoys being around family and friends, live music, traveling and Chicago-style stepping. Darlene is phenomenal cook known for quite a few of her signature dishes. Being in her presence is an automatic dose of love and joy. 

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