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Amy Miller

International Education Program Director
World Affairs Council
2 years of experience working with education

I worked with April by bringing her out to speak at a YMCA Youth Summit as keynote speaker to talk about different career paths and college readiness. I was so impressed by her and the presentation that she gave, that I asked her to come out to speak many times over the past year and a half to different schools around the community and others events as a keynote speaker. April shares a powerful message on how to:

  • Prepare for college

  • Find your passion

  • Be successful in your career after college

  • Find what you are meant to do in life

April is very impactful and has so much passion for what she does. It really comes through when she tells her life story, where she came from, how she worked hard and was passionate about the opportunity to get a good education, get out of the circumstances that surrounded her and how important having a positive impact on her community and the world has been to her. April is a voice and inspiration to young people that they can look up to as a role model for how they can be successful in their lives, take advantage of opportunities, give back to others and live fruitfully. She has illustrated the importance of working with the next generation to ensure they are successful and continues to build others up.

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